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My 1/50th Scale Models

I have only recently become involved in making models. My inspiration has come from two areas; one was the introduction of the Corgi Showman's Range, which I have the complete set of. Secondly I attended the model fair exhibition at the Rowell Charter Fair and saw many exciting looking models. Like others I thought that the Corgi range although very nice did not go far enough in capturing the true likeness of many show loads.

With this in mind I decided to try and make my own models. I wished to keep my loads in the same scale as the Corgi range which is about 1:50. I also wished to use existing Corgi models as a base from which to build. However I was not prepared to buy expensive collectors vehicles to cut up! Enter the toy fairs, I visited Kettering Toy Fair and Birmingham NEC where you can pick up models for £10 and I have no problem in spending £10 to get the type of lorry or trailer that I require.

I first wished to have ago at making the A&R Waltzer load an 8 wheeler Atkinson and centre truck. I was fortunate to find two boxed sets of the rather plain Crows Corgi Showman's load and at £10 each this was exactly what I required. The lorry was fairly easy in that a frame needed to be attached to the existing flat bed and floors and belly boxes added. The frame is made using boxed brass, which is soldered into position. Because it is an open frame truck I also had to add ceilings, strips and cars.
The ceilings were reasonably easy and I made strips from more box brass adding map pins as lights. The cars caused me great problems, I had seen some at toy fairs but always felt them to be too small. In the end I cut up old Humbrol paint tins, they look the part. At this scale it is hard to get things exact and going on memory and pictures you have too take artistic licence.


Latest Photo of the load with new lettering, decorated paybox and cars.

I made the truck a single axle but like many show loads I have gone back to this model on several occasions to correct or add more bits. I had single back axle truck to start with but one I got hold of another trailer I was able to create the correct twin axle version although the wheels are bigger than the real load. Another difficulty was deciding what period to create my load from. Showman's loads are forever being changed. I have tried to capture the load, as it would have been in the late 80's early 90's. The real Waltzer load was severely damaged at the end of the 99 season and will appear in the year 2000 on an arctic truck.


Latest photo of the completed Waltzer load (Dec 2000).
In 2009 I took an existing corgi * wheeler and built a completley new replica of A&R Atkinson Waltzer load.  The truck is all formed from scratch using soldered brass and the body on the 8 wheeler is similar in being all produced using soldered brass.


Below the centre is uncoupled and the front axle has been removed and it is lowered down on its jacks


Finished model looking in pristine condition

My second model is based loosely on Ernie De-Vey's dodgem loads, though this model is not an accurate reflection of any of his loads at any time. I managed to pick up 2 sets of Corgi dodgem cars to go onto this load. The dodgem cars are not truly to scale, which is a shame. This load is due to come into my garage for a major refit. The more models I make the better I get and I look back and wish to make changes.


Dodgem load.

My next model was of Michael De-Vey's PWS Twist load. I worked for Michael on pull downs and build ups as he often travelled later on into the winter than Colin De-Vey did at that time. The ride is based on a Scammel low loader, which I picked up for a £10 at the toy fair. I lengthened the truck and built the sides using brass box and thin ply for the floors. The hardest part of this ride was creating the centre and getting the angles right. I tried three times to get it right and am quite pleased with the outcome. The cars donít look right but maybe this load will get a revisit later on in life.


Twist Load

My next model adventure was to create Colin De-Vey's Lord Nelson load. I needed a 6 wheeler but could not find one for love nor money so in true showman style I used an 8 wheeler and cut it down. I got an ERF cab but it is not the right one but until Corgi or someone else produces one it, will have to stay. I got the lighting sets from "Church View models" and made the body out of box brass and tin sheet. I was going to create a showman's wagon to go behind it but felt at the time I lacked the necessary knowledge. So it has a model I made from a kit from "Kingfisher models" on it and a hot dogs behind.


Model of Colin De-Vey's Lord Nelson load.

I felt a real need to create a showman's wagon and used this Scammel with flatbed arctic to have ago. I am quite pleased with it but once again having created this one the next one will be twice as good. Hardest part of this was the curved roof. It is made of sheet plastic, which I find much easier to use than the tin sheet. This model is loosely based on Colin De-Vey's articulated showman's wagon which I have driven one or twice in the past.


Articulated showman's wagon (based on Colin De-Vey's, see picture on 1994 page)

This is my last model at the moment it is a mixture of the Ark centre truck and box truck that travelled in the early 70's. Off course the centre truck is more from the 80's and usually goes behind the Corgi Ark lorry.


Ark loads from the early 70's.


Above my new model of the A&R Ark Load c1988 the truck is made from brass section and the lorry is an extended corgi model.


Above my model of the Showtrac Dragon pulling a wagon that is scratch built. Below is the load with the A&R Plant Truck and train ride. This will reflect the loads of 1980/81.


Below is my copy of the no2 dodgem load of George DeVey


Below a new model made from scratch (except lorry) of Colin DeVey's Orbiter load.


I decided to have a go at building a model that turned into the ride. Here is a MIAMI load that does build up. Loosly based on Rowland DeVeys ride.


Having done the Miami above, I decided to make Appletons Ghost Train with full fold down floor and fold out sides.


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